Welcome to The Beach in beautiful Cabo San Lucas


The Beach Fitness Retreat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  
There's nothing like it; miles of beach so private it’s unlikely you’ll see another person as you stroll thru the surf, across dunes and around majestic rock formations. There are no giant hotels, beach vendors, jet ski’s or loud bars…just miles and miles of peaceful serenity literally steps from your hammock.

Designed specifically for small private groups, your personal trainer will accompany your group to THE BEACH and lead Yoga on the beach and fitness workouts on our exercise deck.  We provide the hammocks, private beach, serenity and amazing meals.
Rejuvenate, Recharge and Reconnect.  Fitness, nutrition, and exercise are obvious components of this, but in the end, driving stress from your body and mind are equally important.  That's why place and time of a retreat are so vital:  A long walk in total solitude, pelicans soaring overhead, the sun peeking over the mountains to your east, the endless Pacific to your west.  Stop and watch a turtle or crab make its way from its birth-nest to the safety of the blue Pacific...close your eyes and listen...the only sound you'll hear are the never-ending waves as they crash to the beach, tropic sun warms you, fresh sea-breeze clears your senses, feel the pure clean sand between your toes and fingers...this is what our Fitness Beach Retreat is all about.  Rejuvenate your mind, reconnect with whats truly important in life.

During whale season you’ll spot dozens of migrating whales so close you can hear them breach and tail-slap the Pacific—every day. Sunsets are breathtaking, the sound of waves harmonizing with breezes swaying the palms. Overhead, the night skies are so clear you could read a book by starlight. To our east, the Sierra de la Laguna mountains rise to over 6,000 feet, with arroyos and waterfalls to discover. This is what a retreat should be;  relaxing and peaceful in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 


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